Why Spark?

10448667_10152494509651915_8782007863901595582_oSpark is floating among a sea of charities and non profits aimed at making the world a better place, and we’re glad that there’s lots of people trying to help others, but why should you chose spark?


Spark has no paid staff at all. We are run on an entirely volunteer basis, that means that we can use every dollar we get to the maximum effect. Unlike many organizations that take a large percentage of every dollar they take in for personal pay and administration fees, we take nothing. That means that every dollar you give goes straight, 100%, into inspiring a child.
Spark is run by people who love science with the goal of inspiring a curiosity for science in children around the world. We are a team of people with vast skill sets and years of experience educating children in all aspects of STEM. We believe that our passion to bring about positive change, along with our experience developing tools and experiments for sparking the imagination of students, will give us the power to make our vision a reality.


With your help, we can make a difference, every impact we make, from inspiring a young girl to become a doctor to putting a smile on the face of a young boy who has recently lost family, will be worth all of the effort that we can possibly put forward and more.