Spark Science Kits

4-H Exploding Bacon Robotics Team developed Spark Science Kits 16 hands-on experiments based on our experience with after school and summer camp science programs.

With grants and community support, we provide these kits free of charge when we have them available.

Instruction Manuals now available in English, Spanish, CreoleGreekFrench, and Hebrew!

Experiments include:

Simple Machines: Explore the basic tools that make everything we have work

Color Exploration: Explore the world of light by splitting light into all of its colors with a prism

Heat Absorption: Use what you learned about light to discover why certain colors get hotter than others

Magnetism: Use magnets to complete multiple experiments exploring the world of magnetic fields

Pressure: Discover how things float with a pipet and water bottle as you change the pressure inside to make it sink or swim

Ball Drop: Recreate the famous experiment done from Italy to the moon, drop different size and weight objects to explore gravity

Double Bounce: Launch balls into the air higher than they could bounce on their own using concepts of energy and momentum

Construction Kit: Use our custom reusable structures kit to build various buildings to discover what makes structures strong

Full Instruction Manuals with lesson plans:
Spark in English

Spark in Spanish
(Thank you FRC Panteras, Team 2283 for translating the instructions into Spanish)

Spark in Creole

Spark in Greek,
(Thank you FTC Epiteugma Revved Up 13906 for translating the instructions into Greek)

Spark in French,
(Thank you FRC Robo’Lyons 5553 for translating the instructions into French)

(Thank you FRC The Spikes 2212 for translating the instructions into Hebrew)

Download pdfs to review booklets for all experiments