Last Monday the students from all Exploding Bacon teams worked hard to come up with experiment ideas that could go in the kits. Together they generated almost 50 fantastic ideas as they prototyped with common place objects such as paperclips and straws. Through out the week we ranked each experiment on its potential cost, wow factor, size, and reusability, eventually getting down to 9 unique sets of materials that can make even more imagination sparking experiments!

We are proud to announce to contents of our first prototype kit, containing 9 sets of 100% reusable materials so that recipients can inspire students for years to come!

Materials and Experiments included:

Simple Machines

Explore the basic tools that make everything we have work

Color Exploration

Explore the world of light by splitting light into all of its colors with a prism

Heat Absorption

Use what you learned about light to discover why certain colors get hotter than others


Use magnets to complete multiple experiments exploring the world of magnetic fields

Cartesian Diver

Discover how things float with a pipet and water bottle as you change the pressure inside to make it sink or swim

Ball Drop

Recreate the famous experiment done from Italy to the moon, drop different size and weight objects to explore gravity

Double Bounce

Launch balls into the air higher than they could bounce on their own using concepts of energy and momentum

Construction Kit

Use our custom reusable structures kit to build various buildings to discover what makes structures strong


Discover the differences in density, mass, and volume, by making a scale and weighing objects against each other

These experiments, along with instructions for many more, will be available in our phase one kits starting in October!