Thank you to FGC Team USA aka FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) 9794 Wizards.exe for partnering with our Spark program. They distributed 20 Spark Science Kits to teams attending the 2018 FIRST Global Competition in Mexico City. The kits are serving children in 9 countries: Venezuela, Uganda Paraguay, Bosnia, Greece, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Tonga, and Saint Lucia.

They also gave out 300 #FIRSTLikeAGirl Buttons to students, mentors, and volunteers from around the world. The program is a social media movement that strives to improve the culture of STEM by sharing the experiences of the women and girls in FIRST. All over the world, we are seeing the strength of girls’ impact and identity within FIRST as people share their stories and support with #FIRSTLikeAGirl. Please check out for more information.

In addition to donating $300 to create the 20 kits, Team USA collected information from every team interested, giving us a huge helping hand in developing relationships with these teams. We have nearly 80 new possible opportunities because of their hard work.

Thank you FGC Team USA!!!