27 Kits shared with 17 Counties

This year we made friends with numerous FIRST Global Competition teams, many were interested in using Spark Kits in their schools or nearby community. In July of this year, a small group of Exploding Bacon students traveled to Washington D.C. to cheer on the teams participating in the FIRST Global Competition. It was such an honor to witness such a display of Global Gracious Professionalism and see the passion of FIRST and robotics spread to so many new countries.

We met up with our new friends at the competition and made even more friends from: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Rwanda, Slovenia, Tunisia, Australia (Team Oceania), Seychelles, China, Bangladesh, The UK, Uganda, Suriname, Myanmar, The Bahamas, and Canada.

We look forward to hearing about the experience of the children with the kits and to hear about their plans to continue to compete in FIRST. Hopefully we will see some of them competing in FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition this year.

8 Spark Kits to 4 New Countries

At the World Championship last month, we met many teams and created tons of new friendships; with the collaboration of 4 of these FRC teams, our team is thrilled to announce that we have sent out 8 new Spark Kits!

  • 5 kits to Turkey with 6409 Odrinias
  • 1 kit to Dominican Republic with 4091 Team DRIFT
  • 1 kit to Chile with 2576 Chilean Heart
  • 1 kit to Israel with 1937 Elysium

We received a very positive response from Odrinias after they tried out the Spark Kits with children in Turkish refugee camps. We thank each one of the teams sharing Spark in their country and look forward to learning about the kit’s impact on your communities.


Thank you Panteras, Team 2283

Thank you Panteras, Team 2283 for your translation of our Spark kit instruction book in Spanish.  Your translation will help numerous groups to communicate the scientific experiments to new audiences.

Exploding Bacon greatly appreciates the time you spent translating the instructions and experiment information the to help the Spark initiative help more students understand scientific concepts to solve problems in their own communities.

Thank you!

Spark Experiments Are Here!

Last Monday the students from all Exploding Bacon teams worked hard to come up with experiment ideas that could go in the kits. Together they generated almost 50 fantastic ideas as they prototyped with common place objects such as paperclips and straws. Through out the week we ranked each experiment on its potential cost, wow factor, size, and reusability, eventually getting down to 9 unique sets of materials that can make even more imagination sparking experiments!


We are proud to announce to contents of our first prototype kit, containing 9 sets of 100% reusable materials so that recipients can inspire students for years to come!


Materials and Experiments included:

Simple Machines

Explore the basic tools that make everything we have work

Color Exploration

Explore the world of light by splitting light into all of its colors with a prism

Heat Absorption

Use what you learned about light to discover why certain colors get hotter than others


Use magnets to complete multiple experiments exploring the world of magnetic fields

Cartesian Diver

Discover how things float with a pipet and water bottle as you change the pressure inside to make it sink or swim

Ball Drop

Recreate the famous experiment done from Italy to the moon, drop different size and weight objects to explore gravity

Double Bounce

Launch balls into the air higher than they could bounce on their own using concepts of energy and momentum

Construction Kit

Use our custom reusable structures kit to build various buildings to discover what makes structures strong


Discover the differences in density, mass, and volume, by making a scale and weighing objects against each other


These experiments, along with instructions for many more, will be available in our phase one kits starting in October!


Spark Launch

We’ve officially launched! The students and mentors of Exploding Bacon are excited to bring you our latest and most ambitious initiative yet, Spark.
Spark is a global STEM initiative designed to spark the imaginations of children around the world by giving them the opportunity to explore the wonders of science.
Last night the students of 4-H Exploding Bacon Robotics Club worked hard to come up with experiments using limited resources that we could easily ship to other countries, some great ideas were generated and now we’re on to the finalization stage to figure out exactly what experiments will be sent in the kits!
We are also excited to announce that one of our parents and mentors will be traveling to six different schools in Haiti this October, and she will be taking our first kits with her! As she visits the schools she will help run the experiments and inspire the children of Haiti with a love of science and technology, we couldn’t be more excited for her trip!
As we continue developing our kits and locations we will make sure to keep you informed of our progress. We’re looking forward to what the future has to hold for Spark, and we can’t wait to work for that future.
Make sure to follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with all we do!
-The Spark Team