FIRST Global Competition 2018

Thank you to FGC Team USA aka FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) 9794 Wizards.exe for partnering with our Spark program. They distributed 20 Spark Science Kits to teams attending the 2018 FIRST Global Competition in Mexico City. The kits are serving children in 9 countries: Venezuela, Uganda Paraguay, Bosnia, Greece, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Tonga, and Saint Lucia.

They also gave out 300 #FIRSTLikeAGirl Buttons to students, mentors, and volunteers from around the world. The program is a social media movement that strives to improve the culture of STEM by sharing the experiences of the women and girls in FIRST. All over the world, we are seeing the strength of girls’ impact and identity within FIRST as people share their stories and support with #FIRSTLikeAGirl. Please check out for more information.

In addition to donating $300 to create the 20 kits, Team USA collected information from every team interested, giving us a huge helping hand in developing relationships with these teams. We have nearly 80 new possible opportunities because of their hard work.

Thank you FGC Team USA!!!

8 Spark Kits to 4 New Countries

At the World Championship last month, we met many teams and created tons of new friendships; with the collaboration of 4 of these FRC teams, our team is thrilled to announce that we have sent out 8 new Spark Kits!

  • 5 kits to Turkey with 6409 Odrinias
  • 1 kit to Dominican Republic with 4091 Team DRIFT
  • 1 kit to Chile with 2576 Chilean Heart
  • 1 kit to Israel with 1937 Elysium

We received a very positive response from Odrinias after they tried out the Spark Kits with children in Turkish refugee camps. We thank each one of the teams sharing Spark in their country and look forward to learning about the kit’s impact on your communities.


Thank you Panteras, Team 2283

Thank you Panteras, Team 2283 for your translation of our Spark kit instruction book in Spanish.  Your translation will help numerous groups to communicate the scientific experiments to new audiences.

Exploding Bacon greatly appreciates the time you spent translating the instructions and experiment information the to help the Spark initiative help more students understand scientific concepts to solve problems in their own communities.

Thank you!

$1000 Grant from St. Margaret Mary

We are very excited this week to be awarded $1000 from the St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church Capital Campaign Outreach Fund.  They were thrilled to be a part of our initiative to spread STEM throughout the world.  This grant will fund a minimum of 22 new kits!  We are already getting requests for new places to impact.

In March a group of missionaries from St Margaret Mary took our 10th kit to Haiti.  High School students traveling to Haiti used it with the school children in the communities they visited.


Spark Kit delivered to Uganda

11160542_10205297972583718_594838676_n 20160201_032124 20160201_033109Summer of 2015, a Spark Kit was mailed to the Home of the Holy Angels, a school and dormitory for over 100 children, orphaned by AIDS/HIV in the Kibale, Uganda district.

It was a new experience for us, as our kits have so far been transported by groups on their journey to communities in need.   This was our first experience with customs.  Each item had to be inventoried, weighed and documented on the customs form.  We watched the USPS tracking of the kit and awaited it’s arrival to the children.

Through the rainy season and internet troubles, we awaited news and pictures.  The teacher working with the children at that time has gone on to further his education, so we are still awaiting his feedback, but we were excited to finally get some pictures.  The kids look like they had fun.