We made friends with numerous FIRST Global Competition teams, many were interested in using Spark Kits in their schools or nearby community. In July of this 2017, a small group of Exploding Bacon students traveled to Washington D.C. to cheer on the teams participating in the FIRST Global Competition. It was such an honor to witness such a display of Global Gracious Professionalism and see the passion of FIRST and robotics spread to so many new countries.

We met up with our new friends at the competition and made even more friends from: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Rwanda, Slovenia, Tunisia, Australia (Team Oceania), Seychelles, China, Bangladesh, The UK, Uganda, Suriname, Myanmar, The Bahamas, and Canada.

We look forward to hearing about the experience of the children with the kits and to hear about their plans to continue to compete in FIRST. Hopefully we will see some of them competing in FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition this year.